Ascension Universal Merkaba

Feb 8, 2018

Issues Requiring Healing


What are the issues affecting our earth today?

What is it that requires healing?

Could you highlight some issues based on current affairs or intuition so that we can send more healing to our collective reality?


Thank you in advance for thinking of the betterment of our planet!

New Posts
  • A few days ago I had a conversation with someone regarding how Kerala was lush with trees when I lived there 20 years ago and how trees can absorb water and prevent flooding. Strangely a couple of days later there was a great flood in Kerala itself. During this time I have seen Florida underwater while astral travelling, like a blue sheet of water over land. Kindly join me in sending healing to all these areas that are, or any others that you have felt needed healing, such as Hawaii. Blessed Be (*) Visualize strong cosmic rays like sunlight shining upon earth and specially healing these regions by saying their names in your mind.
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