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Dec 20, 2017

Handling Difficulties and Un-nerving Symptoms of Ascension


The experience of third-eye opening and changes in our chakra, energy field, merkaba and aura can take some time to totally integrate in our physicality. What are the difficulties you have experienced so far in terms of energy symptoms and how did you deal with the same?

Jan 28, 2018Edited: Jan 28, 2018

hello and namasate @swati and the others ... is someone at home ? the water and air (and soil and fire) is contaminated with fluoride amongst other artificial manmade poison to dazzle the third eye and the human being... "invisible oppression by the system elite and system slaves justifies visible (amongst other dazzled senses) suppressions. which dazzles the pineal gland/third eye ! dazzled people state justifies war and kill... and the collective holds the system upright and whines around ... my dna is strong and selected by nature and i am poor. i survive the riches and elites. I AM A SUPERHERO AND MY "ETHERIC" BODIES ARE GIANTS WHICH DOES NOT FIT ON EARTH :::WITH YOU IT IS NOT OTHERWISE :-) I have never joined the world seduction. I have touched no weapon and never joined the military. I have never been interested in gold and I will never be interested in it. I never joined oil businesses. I do not have a car and I do not have a driver's license. i have no drugs i have never liked money. "the world has always been the same as it is now" ..... does not exist with me. I have nothing and I am stronger than rich. childhood was unconsciously guided by the higher self. to be always in meditation (as it is in the moment) and to be always a open pineal gland possesser. To join in world seduction, and then moan does not function and is not compatible. the childhood and the free will/higher self told me "leave what you can not leave" " Never be no negative cause for atrocious effects." "never be a cause for gold digging never be a cause for oil drilling never be a cause for getting you and others addicted" successfully achieved. there is no veil to pierce anymore , because i can travel through all the veils... neener neener... child adult krystal heart of the paliadorian covenant.

would you like to answer me ? what happened here ? i feel the emptiness of the collective for a long time ... as i see here also a kind of apathy and emptiness and loneliness.

i guess you are also a bodhisattva. otherwise i would not be here. love and light to you dear one. i am tired of fighting (without hands and feets) against dark forces and dark ness. my soul weeps and believes that she has failed

you must know that there are genuine humans who have committed to saving people. who have committed to leave money and other technology addictions. technology is also an enslaver.

Jan 29, 2018

Hi dear CoSkun ...I read your posts and I am glad someone has joined it. Your heartfelt messages are very welcome and I do understand that many of us are feeling this way too. I wish more people would join in and interact soon. This is a very new website and we are still awaiting members to connect with each other.

hi dear swati i greet you... namasate. "i am bowing to your soul." wonderful to meet you here. a newborn - baby - website, that is good to know. oh this is a cute website. with hidden "buttons".. may the creator take good care of us all and protects us all. . :-) Yes you are correct. yes those messages are heartfelt. the higher self is so immensly vivid, is always in contact with a part of me. well then i wish us decent people and proper people at the proper moment. may we become a communion and treat each other well. may we become friends until the end and even see us someday face to face.

i have to mention also that i am a very sharp, system critic. if this is correct expressed. p.s. hands and arms are the tools of heart. feets and legs are also tools of the heart, the body is the tool of the heart. i love the heart within. i have so much to say. later more to this. catch you later. be healthy and in resonance with love.... vidai. now i start to learn hindi ... :-) have fun with exploring.

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  • Some signs and symptoms of spiritual ascension and multi-dimensionality (light-body/merkaba and DNA shifts): 1. Raising vibrations higher to love and light 2. Awakening of consciousness or awareness of inner self 3. Ability to manifest anything more quickly 4. Lifting off the veils of worldly illusion or maya 5. Heightened ESP powers including clairvoyant, caliraudient, clairsentient, clairempath, clairallient, clairgustant...all senses 6. Multi-dimensional interactions with spirit beings and otherworlds, training in handling higher or lower entities 7. Lightworking and earth healing for planetary upliftment 8. Being able to detach from the unrequired 9. At peace with oneself, fewer desires and greater contentment 10. Experience of alternate space realities and CEs/ aliens 11. Discovering synchronicities and interrelatedness with all there is in daily life 12. Letting go of all rigid belief systems and fear based conditionings 13. Channeling of positive energy while clearing off negative blockages or repressed issues of past 14. Ability of release negative stuck patterns by self-introspection and life review 15. Lucid and vivid dreams and reality interactions 16. Following higher calling, purpose or mission 17. Life changes that help in aligning with higher self 18. Science and spirituality integration for a higher perspective 19. Twin-flame, soul-family and star-family reunions at an inner and multi-dimensional level 20. Transcending time-space in dreams, visions or experience of higher multi-dimensional realities 21. Ability to heal physical, emotional or mental conditions through awareness and intent 22. Channeling of physical, emotional or mental conditions of loved ones or other beings 23. Re-wiring of energetic channels that can make one feel significantly different or uncomfortable in the body 24. Need for more spiritual light, higher consciousness and positive vibrations to help navigate the energy shifts IMP: (Kindly note that all physical or mental discomfort may not always be ascension symptoms and might be part of general healing manifest as medical healthcare in combination with spiritual)
  • In the ascension community we might have come across people who often become very upset, angry and sad about the world. It becomes a constant battle between good vs evil translated as 'me against others'. This thinking that the world is a externally imporsed matrix and everyone around is 'bad' is not the real meaning of matrix. The matrix is our mind. Only our mind creates our world. If we see anything negative outside, we need to go within and heal it instead of wasting our time in blaming and being upset with others all the time.
  • In the Ascension communities on the internet we see a lot of people who are suffering from paranioa and panic or a great fear regarding the world. People seem to be very upset with society, economy, financial institutions, politicians and almost everything. The entire belief that it is the 'world against me' is misguided and irrational fears spread by conspiracy theories have split our consciousness apart. It may be a better idea to consider yourself as having the power to influence your own world in your own way and to take some responsibility in performing positive works or actions through serving the universe in whatever way suits you. In case there is any negativity in the world it is totally tranformable right now in whatever little way you can using your own positive energy. Instead of living in great fear that someoneone out there is going to get to you or to harm you, or that evil beings and people are all around you, it is wiser to learn meditation and healing techniques and to go for therapy from qualified psychologists and healers when faced with Paraniod symptoms which could be an indication of a mental disease at times if left unhealed or untreated. Healthy ways of thinking include positive affirmations and positive visualisations instead of reading or dwelling upon negativity.
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