Ascension Universal Merkaba

Jun 24, 2018

Believe in Yourself by Michael


It is not everyday that you are woken up by the guiding spirits of light such as Michael singing directly to you a song that you have not 'made up' yourself or heard somewhere on earth, but revealed by the angels, with wonderful music at times, but during ascension it is getting more frequent thankfully, as if they are already there when you close your eyes appearing as your loved ones, as angels, celebrities or ascended masters giving you direct communication.


'You can be who you are,

If you believe in yourself!

You can rise to the stars,

If you believe in yourself!


Go up to the highest light

Stop and say no to the fight

Be one with your higher power,

Believe in yourself'

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  • 1. Age is a question of no possibility There is no need for money up here Love is the language...(of higher reality) 2. We decided to do away with molds For secrets of the heart cannot be told Many cannot see the master beyond the scriptures (but deep within us we all have the teacher)
  • Earlier this year I asked about the 8 Step contemplation by Ashtar and was guided to imbibe the following from the master: 1. I am Good 2. I am God 3. God is Me 4. My Heart Reaches God 5. God Opens my Heart 6. My Heart Opens Up to God 7. My Heart Unites with God 8. I and God Ascend as One
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