Ascension Universal Merkaba

Dec 20, 2017

Spiritual versus Material Careers


A lot of us who are ascending feel disconnected from purely material pursuits and try to make a complete and total switch to a spiritual career. Some of us feel discouraged when we do not seem to make quite a breakthrough even after a long wait, perhaps due to the feeling that material careers are more acceptable and pay more, or maybe due to a feeling that you are not quite ready yet. Here are some ideas:

1. Try to parallelly work on spiritual education, learn deeply and practice your skills. Make an intention and you will find time out of your routine job to focus on spiritual path.

2. Network and connect with spiritual professionals and seekers and prepare for your switch. Give it enough time and dedication.

3. Feel a sense of higher purpose with your routine job. See how it benefits the world. For example working in a bank you are helping people feel secure about their reality, in an IT job you are directly or indirectly helping people connect and grow beyond physical boundaries...and so on.

4. Switch to a career as a spiritual expert, healer, writer and so on when you are completely sure of yourself and your skills and can manifest success. Work on your manifestation power.

5. Even spiritual careers might feel limiting if material concerns or ego takes over. Focus on the inner self and on serving others as One with complete integrity whether in a routine or spiritual profession. All careers can be spiritually blessed.


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  • We are all here on earth for a divine purpose. While on earth we all go through several challenges and struggles (rarely anyone does not) nd we all make mistakes and learn slowly. Our experiences in this world can be very tiring, frustrating and depressing especially for those of us who are empaths, sensitives and vulnerable because we get affected by energies easily. It is very easy to feel burdened by responsibilities and overwhelmed by challenging people and situations. Giving up and trying to escape to 'somewhere else' is a fantasy that is unreal. We all need to be HERE NOW and focus on our life purpose - by trying to understand: - What are we here? - What gifts do we have in our spirit to share with the world? - How can we serve God or Higher Self/ True Self through serving others? - How can we see the world as our manifestation - individual and collective? - How can we see our mission as uplifting the collective and transforming our world? - Do we Believe truly in our inner power/ God to work through us in this transformation? - Instead of blaming, feeling depressed and angry at the collective - can we spread more light and love? - What is our exact role in being the change we seek in this world?
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