Ascension Universal Merkaba

Dec 20, 2017

What is 'Out There' is 'In Here'


Watch this documentary and discuss whether extra-terrestrials are already connected to us telepathically as multi-dimensional beings through the higher self and if they are being hidden from us by government conspiracies due to fears, disbeliefs or doubts. For example: fears regarding how free-energy or unlimited power can make many material dependencies crumble and upset some of the financial tsars who are unable to accept their higher being.

What could be the solution?


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  • Relativity. There was a young lady named Bright Whose speed was far faster than light; She set out one day In a relative way And returned on the previous night.
  • Many of us are connected through our third eye with beings that might be beyond our planet, star-beings from another star system or galaxy such as Sirians, Plieadian, Arcturian, Lyrian or masters and angels from the higher self or Source. At the same time confusing energies from entities or demons that are fear-based or limiting need to be transformed and conquered with the help of our higher self and we need discretion too as we begin to open our energy field or merkaba. - What are your experiences in this? - How do you begin to have a more trusting relationship with yourself and the universe to welcome higher beings into your energy field? - Do you recognize them as extensions of yourself and your consciousness?
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