Ascension Universal Merkaba

Dec 20, 2017

Hollow Earth or Inner Earth. Flat or Holographic?


Discuss whether theories about the world being physically hollow or scientifically flat are being taken too literally (eg. the man who recently made a rocket to launch himself high over earth just to confirm if it is flat or spherical). Or are these metaphysical experiences of parallel dimensions? Is there a need to understand the holographic nature of earth and the universe as something that is directly connected with our consciousness and its manifestation?

If you feel more light is needed on this issue then share higher guidance here.

New Posts
  • In a dream I was asked what is inside the earth's surface. The answer came as 'Solid unmoving mass, followed by the sea, followed by atmosphere and the sun.' Perhaps this means - as above so below. Our earth does have a sun like center and there are massive oceans of water below the surface of earth as well as gaseous energy. There could be a lot inside earth including life and energy that we are unaware of yet due to all the elements being within.
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