Ascension Universal Merkaba

Feb 7, 2018

In This Simulation of Collective Reality: Power is Within Us




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  • When we feel attacked by negative entities, harmful energies or unsettling images in dreams or in waking life, do we feel threatened and blame anyone outside us, or do we open our thirdor inner-eye to look within. How did we manifest this situation at some inner level? Did we have an fears or negative thoughts that somehow led to this? Have we ever had any anger, irritation, frustration or jealousy (who has not?) that may have created some negative energies in our aura that was latent/ sleeping and awakened now as our aura gets transformed as our merkaba/light body? Recognising all negative dreams, entities, demons and harmful energies as thoughtforms and manifestations of our personal and collective mind and getting TOTALLY RID OF our collective unconsious programming, especially religious literature, belief in devils or fallen beings from where we literally absorbed such manifestations, can be a major step in our spiritual progress as we ascend. We can transform all fear based manifestations right now!
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