Ascension Universal Merkaba

Dec 20, 2017

From An Illusion of Love to Real Love


In media and films we have often found glorified versions of romantic love and have dreamed of a similar relationship with its own unique ups and downs. Yet, in real life we found heartbreaks, sexual violence, exploitation and frustration. Have we been confused between illusion and love? Here are some insights to have us meditate and introspect about what true love could be.

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  • I was given this meditation in a dream recently. To heal your relationship with any other being, simply sit with the other individual in front of you, or visualize him or her facing you across a table. Keep a crystal ball in the center, or visualize a crystal ball and imagine a beautiful light of loving kindness emanating from this crystal ball so that both of you are able to feel the energy of forgiveness and compassion. Now say healing and soothing words of forgiveness such as, 'Whatever happened was in the past. It need not affect us any longer. The past has changed into the present and its energy replaced with love and light. We now unconditionally forgive each other and all concerned with this situation so that all are healed and elevated to higher states of peace and wellbeing.' Accept this healing wholeheartedly and visualize the other person accept this healing too so that both feel calm, peaceful, radiant and relaxed. Now try to see beautiful flowers in the center of the crystal ball and visualize them flowing towards both of you to be absorbed in your auras to completely accept and ground this healing. Blessed Be!
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